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The TISAX® Test Result is available! 😉🔒

Our TISAX® Test Result is available! 😉🔒

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX)  is a recognized standard for information security in the automotive industry. TISAX is a registered trademark and governed by ENX Association, also the ENX Association governs TISAX on behalf of the German VDA. This certificate demands meeting rigorous security requirements and passing a thorough evaluation, so for us, this is a significant step! 🤩 ✅

CARUSO’s attainment of the TISAX certification is proof of our commitment to information security and our dedication to ensuring the highest level of protection for our customer’s data. It demonstrates our ability to implement and maintain a robust information security management system that meets the highest industry standards. 😊

As a customer, partner, or stakeholder of CARUSO, you can have confidence in our ability to safeguard your data and protect your business interests. Congratulations to everyone on our team that was involved in the process, especially our Information Security Officer and the DPIS Team (Data Protection and Information Security) formed by Jens Knodel as IT Manager, Roland Mons as Data Protection Officer and Stefan Garnatz as Data Protection Coordinator among other developer colleagues. You rock!🤘


The result can be accessed via the ENX portal (TISAX® results are not intended for the general public):

Scope ID SLFN82
Assessment ID A5PL3Z-1
Participant: Caruso GmbH (P5K9NR)