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4 Key Insights from our Cutting-Edge Connected Vehicle Field Test (CVFT) 3.0

We’ve wrapped up our in-depth Connected Vehicle Field Test (CVFT) 3.0, which explored today’s state of connected car data at IAM Workshops.


Together with other key IAM players, we interviewed 30 workshops across Europe, looking closely at their operations. This wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic team, Gwenael de Calan, Tina Rauschenbach, Pinchas Malchow, Francois Noel, Felix Sterk, Nicole Marker, Frank Mauder, Fabrice Wegner, Francois Noel, and many more. Thanks to each and everyone for the great work and support. You did a great job! 💙

CVFT 3.0 unveiled important insights, offering us a wide view of the current state of the Independent Aftermarket. These insights touch on lots of areas, including workshop equipment, vehicle age, use of telematic data, and capability checks. Our study shows how useful technology – particularly telematics – can be in independent car workshops. It also offers clear suggestions for the future of IAM Workshops, outlining the key role telematic data sits to play in their growth.

Want to understand current IAM Workshop setups and their future plans? Check out our study to stay on top of trends and gain valuable info about the future of connected cars in the IAM! 😉

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