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Easily Manage Your Fleet

Connected car data gives you the opportunity

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Bye Dongles, Hello Telematics

Telematic data? What for?

Not many fleet managers are aware of the possibility to use connected car data to manage their fleets. Typically, telematics remains associated with the installation of black boxes or dongles on every single car. Using this types of retrofit solutions has some major drawbacks as it is:

  • Expensive in terms of hardware
  • Time-consuming for the installation and later removal of the equipment
  • Inflexible for quick onboarding / offboarding of vehicles
  • Limited in terms of car park coverage, number of data points that can be collected, as well as quality of the data collected

As a result, most managers of small and medium-sized fleets have given up on using telematics data, as they perceive the process to acquire data as too costly and complicated. Without access to in-vehicle data, fleet managers have to rely on intermittent and unreliable data sources.

Fleet Management

Untapped Productivity

Many processes such as the regular maintenance of vehicles, route planning, vehicle usage monitoring, remote diagnostic and new mobility solutions such as pool vehicles can’t be automated nor easily managed without the use of telematics.

Uncontrolled Costs

Without access to data, fleet managers have limited control over the daily usage of their vehicles. For example with the rising energy prices, significant savings can be made on fueling & charging costs.

Inefficient Fleet Electrification

Fleet electrification can be a challenging process for fleet operators. For example, for EVs it is no longer possible to access mileage information using petrol cards. The residual value of EVs will also greatly depend on the status of their batteries.

CARUSO Solution

Our platform delivers standardized multi-brand car data – no hardware, no installation, directly from vehicle manufacturers.
Data from more than 15 brands ready to use by one integration. Check the use cases below to see how connected car data can support you.

Supervise Your Vehicle's Mileage

Get more control over your vehicles with a simple mileage overview to:

  • Supervise the over or under usage
  • To detect odometer manipulation by receiving continuous history

For example for rental cars or vehicles in leasing contract. This will increase trust in the remarketing process.

Data Points
  • Mileage
  • Time stamp
  • Request data on demand (Pull)
  • Receive the data by notification (Push)
  • Store in history-database

Document Your Vehicle's Trip

Identify the position of your car at the start and end of a trip. Depending on data-privacy settings you are also able to track the position during the trip. The data is transferred with the current value, while key-off.

Data points
  • Mileage
  • Geoposition
  • Time stamp
  • Request data on demand (Pull)
  • Receive the data by notification (Push)

Track Your Vehicle's Fuel & Battery Status

Optimize your fuel costs, enhance your battery charging and reduce significantly fuelling fraud by having a general overview status with our dashboard. The data is transferred with the current value, while key-off.

Data points
  • Geoposition
  • Fuel level 
  • EV battery state of charge
  • AdBlue level
  • Mileage
  • Request data on demand (Pull)
  • Receive the data by notification (Push)

Get a Clear Picture Of All Your Vehicles

Get a detailed overview of the vehicles in possession of the company (stock audit). For example:

  • Which cars are already sold?
  • Where are they?
  • What mileage do they have?​

This helps you to have all the basic information needed in one single place. The data is transferred at a certain point in time, meaning once at a time.

Data points
  • Mileage
  • Geolocation
  • Time stamp
  • Request data on demand (Pull)

Promote Eco-Friendly & Safe Driving Actions

Measure the carbon footprint of your vehicles and try to manage / reduce it. This can be specially important in the case of hybrid vehicles. These cars are not always used properly and many drivers use only the combustion engine.

In addition through telematic data, fleet managers can promote eco-friendly & safe driving behaviours among their associates. It is possible by providing drivers with a scoring to incentivize good driving behaviours.

The data is transferred By trip or by period of time, e.g. over 1 month period. Speed, position and acceleration in all 3 axes data to be collected at least with 5 Hz frequency.

Data points
  • GPS Position, speed signal
  • Gear Position, seat belt status
  • ABS / TRC / ESP status & signal
  • Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Hybrid engine utilization
  • Mileage
  • State of Charge & Range of the PHEV battery 
  • Request data on demand (Pull)
  • Receive the data by notification (Push)
  • Limit the data by VIN, area

Benefits of the Solution

Hardware Free

With connected car data you don't need to install manually anything in the car. Telematics data is accessible online through a couple of clicks! You only need to provide the vehicle's VIN number to Caruso and align with us on the consent process for GDPR compliance.

Access to Live Data

Depending on the car manufacturer up to 200 data points can be accessible through our platform. Many data points such as flexible maintenance, interval notifications or crash severity, are typically very hard to obtain using retrofit solutions. Our data is very granular, and comes with update frequencies up to 1Hz or higher.
With this fleet managers can have a constant and accurate monitoring of each vehicle in place.

Value for Money

Compared with retrofit solutions, fleet managers save on the hardware and installation costs.
Car manufacturers offer different pricing models where you can pay “by call” or through monthly subscriptions per VIN.
Even for small and medium-sized fleet data is easily accessible, without efforts, and at a reasonable cost!


New vehicles can be easily on-boarded or old vehicles off-boarded. The telematic data stream can be switched on and off on demand depending on the fleet manager’s needs. For example, data can be called only once over a period of time, or for a single month for a vehicle. Many data is also available via a push notification system where fleet managers only receive and pay for data if specific events happen to the vehicle, such as a maintenance notification or an accident.

CARUSO in a Nutshell


OEMs Available via our Platform


Countries and counting


Millions of Connected Cars in EU in 2023


Standardized Data Items


Millions of Data Points delivered per Month in 2022 and counting


Can I get telematic data for just any car?

No, access to OE data is limited to specific car makes and models. Please check our lists of models per brands through: /connected-car-makes-and-models/
You can also reach out to our team to conduct a free “capability check” for your fleet, based on your list of VIN numbers.

How much does the data cost?

Two price elements have to be taken into consideration: the yearly fee to access to the Caruso dataplace and the cost of the data itself. For the yearly fee please check: /pricing/
The price of the data itself will vary depending on the car manufacturer, the number of data points and the frequency needed. Once you have a Caruso account you will be able to access detailed pricing per OEM and data packages on our dataplace.

In which format will the data be available?

Caruso delivers the in-vehicle data, for all car manufacturers in a harmonized format, through a standard API. Check our developer portal for detailed information on our API and the data points formatting: /developer-zone/

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